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Since 1875, Daniels Chapel of the Roses Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. has been providing funeral services to hundreds of families in Windsor, CA and the surrounding areas. For more than 14 decades, we have been offering professional and compassionate complete funeral, cremation and graveside services with personalized attention in your family's time of need. Our family-owned business believes that good service is important. That is why we plan the final service. We do it to make sure you feel good and special.

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There is no question that making plans for final arrangements like a funeral and cremation in Windsor, CA, is a task that can feel overwhelming. But with the guidance and support of caring professionals like those at Daniels Chapel of the Roses Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc., you will find that the process can be completed one step at a time. A few things to know that can help if you are looking for guidance at the very beginning of the process are detailed below.

At the time you know there is a death or an emergency that may result in death, we’ve been trained as a society to contact emergency services without delay. That is usually always appropriate. If the person who has died is under the care of a doctor at a hospital or facility, they will alert the necessary authorities to set the next steps in motion. After legal specifications are in order, a mortician will be called to help properly care for the final needs of the deceased.

After death occurs over the next few days, the extended family and close friends will need to be alerted. Death notices and obituaries can also be published and posted to spread this news. During this time, any arrangements for honoring services will likely be organized. The decisions for final arrangements usually fall into one of two categories. The first surrounds those services that will care for the deceased remains. The other is in regards to any services that will be organized to honor their memory.


What Types of Death Care Services Surround a Funeral and Cremation in Windsor, CA

There are several customizable options when selecting the types of funeral and cremation services and products you may need to utilize. Here are just a few.


Simple or Direct Cremation Services: Sometimes, a simple solution best meets the needs of caring for the deceased. When this is needed, a cremation can be performed without any attached public services. Cremation incinerates the remains in a controlled space and results in a few pounds of ashen remains.


Simple Cremation With Viewing: It is also possible to have this streamlined type of solution and still offer a public viewing. The body will need to be prepared and embalmed for a public presentation. Spending a few hours with the family and friends of the deceased and saying final farewells can be helpful to those who are grieving.


Cremation and Memorial Service: Other times, it may make the most sense to complete the cremation and then hold a memorial service. The nice thing about memorial services is the flexibility they offer. Cremation (or even immediate burial) could be chosen to handle the remains in a timely way. The honoring services can be planned further out for scheduling purposes as desired.


Funeral Services: Unlike a memorial service, funerals are held with the deceased's physical remains lying in repose at the service. Funerals can be very customized or quite traditional. Full services often include a public viewing before the service. If burial at a cemetery is planned, a procession may accompany the hearse for the committal service. After internment, some families also have a reception, luncheon, or life celebration activity.


Funeral and Cremation Service: A combination of services for funeral and cremation in Windsor, CA, can work wonderfully. This offers all of the benefits of a funeral service and cremation for one individual. The funerary services are completed first. This can include the public viewing with an embalmed body. Caskets are available for rent in this situation. Once all the commemorative services are concluded, the body can be processed through cremation.


Graveside Service Options: It is also possible to hold the services right at the graveside. Often this style of service is a bit less formal than a full funeral but can be very appropriate. There are no set rules in most establishments regarding the number of people who can attend or how long this service is.


Personalization Adds Meaning Through a Tender Time

All types of services can be planned through the lens of personal details pertinent to the deceased or their family traditions. Finding ways to incorporate special music, photos, or multimedia presentations can add to the services.


Looking for a Trustworthy Provider of Final Arrangements?

Selecting a funerary firm like Daniels Chapel of the Roses Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. is a wonderful way to support your needs surrounding funeral and cremation in Windsor, CA. With a rich history of service and compassion in the death care industry in the area, you can be assured they have all you need to carry you through this difficult time. Reach out to make an appointment by calling 707-525-3730 or stop in to see us at 1225 Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.


Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Why is it Important to Pre-plan a Funeral?

Pre-planning your funeral is an important decision to make, but it doesn't have be difficult. Pre-planning can help you avoid stressful situations and ensure that the ceremony adheres with what was wanted by those who are present at such occasions as well as strengthen relationships between survivors in order for them all go through this together without any further trauma or pain.


What Should I Wear to a Funeral?

You may want to consider wearing black dress. It's a traditional color for occasions such as funerals and it will certainly show your respect for the deceased person whose funeral services you're attending. Learn more about funeral etiquette.


What is a Veteran’s Funeral?

A veteran’s funeral is a traditional ceremony for those who have died in service to their country. It includes mourners from all branches of military. They can range from simple services such as burial or cremation, all the way up an elaborate military procession with honorees carrying rifles and flags during sunset in America's Memory National Cemetery.

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