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Daniels Chapel of the Roses Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. is one name that should be on your list of funeral homes to consider in Santa Rosa, CA, and the surrounding Sonoma County areas. With a sympathetic attitude to assisting the grieving and a commitment to go above and beyond the call of duty, we provide the best full funeral, burial, and cremation services.

Our qualified team will walk you through the process and assist you in making important and minor selections so that your deceased relative has a fitting and respectable send-off. All of our funeral directors are licensed by the state of California, unlike many other funeral companies. If you have questions, call us at 707-525-3730.


Are you facing the need to make plans for a funeral and cremation in Santa Rosa, CA? Though this is a time of great stress and overwhelm, the compassionate team at Daniels Chapel of the Roses Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. is more than qualified to help. We are here to ease your burden through this challenging experience. However, there are a few things to know about how to navigate the next steps when someone dies.

When a person passes away, the authorities and coroner’s office will be notified. If your loved one has been in hospice care (or in the hospital or other medical facility), they will typically take care of informing the necessary authorities. If the death unexpectedly occurs at home or somewhere else, the police will need to be called by dialing for emergency services. These professionals will often help you contact a funeral facility to come and begin caring for the deceased.

The next few days will be a combination of making decisions for any final arrangements and notifying the family and friends of this news. Death notices and obituaries will be published for the sake of helping to spread the word to a broader circle as well. How you choose to have the remains cared for, and any honoring ceremonies for the deceased will be discussed with your funerary advisors at an arrangement conference. Any pre-plans will be consulted here. Finding the right mix of services for your needs is an essential piece of saying goodbye.


Selecting The Right Package for Funeral and Cremation in Santa Rosa, CA

There are more options for laying your loved one to rest than you might guess if this is your first experience working with a full-service funeral home. At Daniels Chapel of Roses, the selection of funerals and cremation services and products is comprehensive. You can make the arrangements as elaborate or as simple as you might like. Here are a few of the types of services we provide:


Direct Cremation: A direct cremation may suffice for those needing the simplest of service solutions. This process cares for the final remains through flame cremation. The deceased will be burned in a controlled chamber, and any remaining elements and particles are given to the family for the final disposition of their choosing. This is also called a simple cremation in some circles.


Direct Cremation with Public Viewing Beforehand: For those who want a simpler service with cremation, it is possible to have a public viewing before the cremation occurs. This allows the family and close loved ones to spend some time with the departed and ‘say goodbye’ before the cremation takes place. Cremation is a permanent change that completely alters the remains, so this can be an important way to offer closure and healing to those grieving this loss.


Cremation Followed by Memorial Service: Especially if services are to be held at a later time, a memorial service can be an outstanding solution to honor the person who has died. Memorial services can be offered many weeks or even months after the death date. Cremation handles the time-sensitive portion of the arrangements shortly after death. Memorials could also be held soon after cremation if that is desired. These services may be held in a variety of settings such as the funeral chapel, an outdoor venue, at someone’s home, etc.


Traditional or Non-Traditional Funeral Services: Funerals are held with the deceased remains present for the service, usually in a casket of some sort. Full funeral services often include a presentation of the remains embalmed for a publicly offered viewing. This can bring a sense of reality to those who are processing the death. Burial sometimes follows a traditional service.


Full Funeral and Cremation Services: It is also possible to combine funeral and cremation services in Santa Rosa, CA. When this is done, the funeral and all related services are held first. At the conclusion of these events, the body will be cremated instead of interred at the cemetery. A rented casket that is clean and sanitary (often with a completely new liner installed) can be acquired for the funeral portion of these services.


Work With a Trusted Long-Standing Industry Expert

Finding the right provider for services like a funeral and cremation in Santa Rosa, CA, will give you peace of mind in a turbulent time. The caring experts at Daniels Chapel of the Roses Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. have a vast amount of experience as a company and are a well-trained team of professionals. If you are in need of solutions surrounding the death care of a loved one or to discuss your own future needs, please call 707-525-3730. Our facility can be visited at 1225 Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.


Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is a Burial Service?

Burial services are a way for family and friends to say goodbye in person. They typically include the burial location, casket/coffin choices (including types), traditional music or instrumental accompaniment options; flowers can also serve as an option if desired by mourners at their time of choosing after death has occurred.


Can a Funeral Service be Held Anywhere?

Yes, a funeral service can be held anywhere. However, it is important to find an appropriate location that will allow people in the area you are shooting at see what's going on and feel welcome when they arrive or leave during your event A lot goes into planning where one should host their loved one’s farewell gathering; whether indoors or out every detail counts so make sure this part doesn't slip through unnoticed by choosing wisely.


What is in a Funeral Service Package?

It's important to know what you can expect from this, and your expectations will most likely be met. For example, priests may conduct the ceremony; pre-recorded music might play during parts of it (think optional); flowers or other memorials could also appear at gravesites like gardens with religious significance--the list goes on. Learn more about funeral packages.

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