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Where to Begin When Planning Funeral and Cremation in Rohnert Park, CA

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Daniels Chapel of the Roses Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc., a reputable Rohnert Park, CA funeral home and cremation company for more than 145 years, can assist you in preplanning your funeral or cremation service, as well as providing comprehensive funeral services from viewing to graveside and all in between.

Many service organizations today do not provide as much service as they used to. They also charge more for it. Our family has a different way of thinking about service. We believe that we should provide the best and most meaningful services we can, and we only try to help you find what is right for your loved one's funeral. Give us a call at 707-525-3730 if you need immediate assistance.


Though it can feel overwhelming to think of how to lay your loved one to rest respectfully, many professionals will help you. Those first hours and days after someone you love passes away will require some decisions from you. However, with help from caring advisors, the planning of services such as a funeral and cremation in Rohnert Park, CA, is doable.

Depending on where your loved one dies, the initial calls needing to be placed may vary. If your loved one dies at home and is under medical care, it is a good idea to call the doctor right away. If the death is unexpected, as in the case of an accident, often the local authorities and emergency personnel are the first calls to make. The chosen funeral home is not typically the first call since the paperwork has to be taken care of through the aforementioned legal channels.

Once the deceased is able to be brought into the care of the funeral provider, they will come any time of day or night for that retrieval. Over the next few days, close relatives and friends will need to be notified of the death. A death notice may be published in a publicly circulated format such as a paper or digital platform. An arrangement conference will also be scheduled with the deceased’s closest loved ones to review any pre-plans or to make the desired plans at that time.


Types of Packages Associated With Funeral and Cremation in Rohnert Park, CA

Simple Cremation: This is an option for those who wish to have the remains cared for directly without any public honoring service or events connected to it. The crematory and its competent staff will assist with the necessary documentation and paperwork. All of that needs to be handled before cremation can occur. The cremated remains will be available for families generally within 5-7 business days of this legal need being met.


Simple Cremation With Visitation: For those who want the simplicity of a direct cremation but also to have a public viewing, this can be combined. The deceased will need to be embalmed for this service where family and friends can gather and pay their final respects. Personal displays, musical selections, etc., may be planned for this viewing service.


Cremation and Memorial Service: A cremation can be performed right away, with a memorial service held soon or much later. Different service packages can include the assistance of a funeral provider in planning and/or carrying out the services for a memorial. Memorials could be held at a number of locations, including the funeral home, a church, outdoors, or at a private residence, to name just a few.


Full Traditional Funeral Service: A full-scale funeral service is often quite traditional but doesn't necessarily need to be. These services may also have a formal viewing or visitation event with the bereaved family and friends. The funeral service honors the legacy and life of the one who has passed on. After the funeral, burial at a cemetery or memorial park may be an additional part of the services. Some families choose to follow the interment with a reception or life celebration.


Traditional Funeral Combined With Cremation Services: It is possible to combine the services for both traditional funeral and cremation in Rohnert Park, CA. The main difference from the above-mentioned options would be that the body is taken to the crematory after the funeral instead of a burial ground.


Graveside Services: It makes sense in some situations to have any services held at the burial site. This type of funerary service is referred to as a graveside service. These events are often brief and intimate but don’t necessarily need to be kept short.


Special Touches for Personalization

No matter what types of services are chosen, there are options to help add personal touches and customizations to honor the one who has died. Online obituaries with tribute walls are a beautiful way for many people to share their memories and condolences. Life tribute videos can be created and played at the visitation or other services and make a lovely keepsake. Floral selections, music, and displays of treasured items may also add to the feeling of individual legacy in the deceased’s memory.


Generations of Trusted Service to the Greater Santa Rosa Area

For well over a century, the business that is now Daniels Chapel of the Roses Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. has been serving families in their greatest hour of need. When it comes to an experienced and compassionate provider of services such as funeral and cremation in Rohnert Park, CA, both you and the deceased will be treated with respect and dignity here. Please call 707-525-3730 to find out more or schedule a time to meet at 1225 Sonoma Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.


Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is Cremation Service?

Cremation is the process of burning your deceased loved one's remains. This does not involve mixing their ashes with any other materials, so it causes them to be more lightweight than if they were buried or placed in urns filled with various keepsakes including personal items like clothes and jewelry valued during life alongside religious symbols which may include crosses or religions tablets- all things dear family members want close at hand when someone dies suddenly.


Is Cremation a Good Choice?

A cremation package is a perfect way to ensure that your loved one's final resting place will be cared for. Many people are unaware of what happens when you have a burial, but it involves the earth being compacted over their remains with cement or other materials before being lowered into grave pits up the top ground level so animals can't get at them unless they tunnel through rock-hard soils belowground first.


Why Should I Choose Cremation?

Cremation is a great way to say goodbye. Crematoriums can cremate human bodies and turn them into ashes, which are then spread at sea by family members or scattered wherever they want as an alternative form of burial service. It's also possible for those who have no relatives left anymore but still want their loved one remembered could order direct from us here so we will deliver it straight away!

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